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The Modbus Serial device driver works in conjunction with KEPServerEX to provide data exchange between OPC clients and Modbus Serial protocol compliant PLCs and other devices. KEPServerEX automatically optimizes your data acquisition based on client demand. Data integrity is ensured with our extensive error handling.

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  • Ethernet Encapsulation
  • Supports the TSXCUSBMBP USB adapter for the Modbus Plus Network
  • Automatic Tag Generation
  • Modbus RTU Multi-drop Supported
  • Supports Broadcast Messages using device ID 0
  • Full Address Range Support (0 - 65535)
  • Hex Addressing Support (0-FFFF)
  • User Definable Read Block Sizes
  • Adjustable Address Base (0 or 1)
  • Word Order Swapping for Floating Point and Longs
  • Byte Order Swapping on all 16 bit and 32 bit values
  • Adjustable RTS Flow timing for Radio Modems
  • Supports all memory types and data types
  • Support accessing Holding register memory as string data with HiLo/LoHi byte order
  • RTU Functions used: 01, 02, 03,04, 05, 06, 16
  • Supports tag import from Concept and ProWORX programming packages
  • Modem Support
    • Automatic Dial Configuration
    • Multiple Phone Number Management
  • Communication Serialization


Supported Devices

  • Daniel S500 Flow Computer
  • Dynamic Fluid Meter
  • Elliot Flow Computer
  • Magnetek GPD 515 Drive
  • Modbus Compatible Devices
  • Omni Flow Computer (Enron Modbus)



  • Modbus RTU Protocol



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