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The Custom Interface driver for KEPServerEX is the ideal solution for quickly and easily adding proven interoperability to custom integration projects—from small applications with one deployment to professional packages for industry-wide deployment.

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  • Relies on "developer known" Shared Memory standards and constructs
  • Supports XML-based Memory Map definition
  • Supports mutex locking for memory access
  • Supports timeouts for error checking
  • Provides max processing values to avoid excessive blocking
  • Has the ability to define up to 2 gigabytes of Shared Memory (which is the only application interaction)
  • Can coordinate processing through handshakes:
    • Read Requests
    • Write Requests
  • Has the ability to develop in any language that supports the Windows API
  • Supports all standard data types and data arrays, including:
    • Boolean, Byte, Character, Word, Short, DWord, Long, Float, Double, BCD, LBCD, Date, String, Array
  • Supports auto-configuration of the KEPServerEX project by the CID Application
  • Supports auto-configuration through an XML file import
  • Integrates CID Application error codes with the KEPServerEX Error Log


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